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Airodyne's Design Advantage

Airodyne Roof Fairings

Corrosion Free Fairings Built to Last the Lifetime of Your Trucks

Maximum Aerodynamic Performance
  • Custom Design by truck model ensures correct aerodynamics to maximize airflow and provide top fuel savings over other manufacturer's fairings.
Minimal Maintenance
  • Our standard one-piece fiberglass Roof Fairings offer the greatest functionality with the least amount of parts and fasteners.
  • Fewer components reduce the likelihood of failure and downtime.
  • Fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel fasteners create premium fairings.
  • Research shows Airodyne’s standard 12’-8” installed height provides proper air flow, as well as clearance in daily operations.
  • Our Roof Fairings' back edges angle forward, providing additional clearance at steep loading docks and sharp ramp angles.
  • Backlit LED Logo Light Boxes – Double Your Fleet/Company's Exposure
  • Qualcomm Shelves - Light-weight fiberglass

Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A. for OVER 40 Years!

Cab/Side Extenders

Fuel Savings
  • Cab/Side Extenders improve MPG between 1- 3% (independent research)
Airodyne Advantage
Fleets report significant damage reduction when using Airodyne over other manufacturers.
  • Almost all our Cab/Side Fairings install without brackets.
  • Fiberglass construction offers flexibility and strength.
  • Minor impacts are absorbed without damage.