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Airodyne Rolling Billboards

Improves Appearance and Company/Brand Recognition

ATA “Rolling Billboards” Study Supports Fleets’ Inherent Advertising Ability
Average combination truck generates 101 visual impressions per mile operated
81% of those sightings are for the front of the truck
Each truck is seen between 5 and 7 million times annually!

Premium Fairings customized to your tractor guarantee a seamless fit, cleaner air flow and a corrosion-free product that helps differentiate your fleet and portray a positive company image.

Backlit LED Logo Lights Click Here to View Flyer

Double your fleet’s advertising exposure by lighting up the evening skies with our affordable LED Logo Lights.

Enhanced Corporate Image Improves Company/Brand Recognition and Sales
Largest and Brightest In The Industry Customized To Your Logo Size and Shape
Airodyne has Installed More Than the Entire Industry Combined!