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Airodyne's Environmental Advantage

Airodyne Better for Your Bottom Line and the Environment
  • Smartway Certified

  • GHG Emission Reduction and Saving Money starts with our shipping process. Airodyne fairings nest inside each other for transport, freeing up expensive trailer capacity. We understand density of packaging and can fit up to 75 Roof Fairings per truckload!

    Other Manufacturers require more than twice the cargo space, doubling or tripling your freight costs and
    GHG emissions to ship the same amount.

  • Zero-Landfill Objectives When shipping via truckload, pallets, shrink wrap and cardboard can all be eliminated. The only items we use are short recyclable wire ties to secure our fairings to the trailer floor.

    All other manufacturers individually pallet and shrink wrap each fairing; many also use foam wrapping and cardboard, even in a designated truckload.
75 Airodyne Roof Fairings VS 75 Other Competive Roof Fairings
  Only One Truckload Required vs 2.5 3 Truckloads Required  
  NO Pallets vs 2400 lbs of Wood Required for 75 Pallets  
  NO Shrink Wrap vs 12,000 Feet of Shrink Wrap  
  NO Foam Wrapping vs 2400 Square Feet of Foam Wrapping  
  NO Cardboard vs As large as 5 x 8 Sheets per Pallet