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Truck Fairing Parts List

CAT-T660 Trucks - Air Fairing Models
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CAT-T660 Parts Available In Custom Matched OEM White Gel Finish or Primer Gray
(White Gel Finish Eliminates the Hassle and Cost of Painting)

CAT Models Roof Fairing Cab/Side Fairings Brackets/Mounts
CAT T660 N-9 CAT None Airodyne

Older Service/Stock Items Available - Call us at 248-548-3336

Airodyne Optional Parts & Features

  • Backlit Logo Lights - Affordably Priced LED, Incandescent or Halogen
    • Customized Light Boxes to Your Fleet Logo Shape and Size
    • Largest Logo Light In The Industry 27 x 47
    • Brightest In The Industry

  • Satellite Mounting Brackets Attach with Four Bolts
    • Lightweight, Durable Fiberglass Located in Upper Left Side of Fairing

  • Standard Finishes - Custom Matched OEM White Gel or Primer Gray
    • White Gel Finish Eliminates Cost of Painting Parts

  • Custom Painting - Requires Paint Code For Quoting

Do Not Tow Backwards Over 50 MPH
Without Retaining Straps on the Roof and Side Fairings