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Airodyne Now Offers SmartWay Certified
AirPlow Trailer Fairings by Kodiak Innovations, LLC
111 lbs. Total Weight -
Half the Weight of Traditional Skirts
Allows for Greater Freight Payload
Less Susceptible to Damage -
Only 25' Total Length
Away From Trailer Edges
Fast One-Hour Install (two man team) -
Less Labor Cost
Reduces Splash & Spray -
Bonus Safety Feature
Easy Access to Reefer Tanks -
Eliminates Driver Complaints
And Unsightly Diesel Streaks
Refined Styling -
When Appearance is Important
(Optional Logo Light Capability)
Affordable -
Economical Pricing / Quick Install / Delivery
(30 sets per 12' x 4' Pallet)
Larger Freight Payload Accelerates Your ROI!